About Us

Welcome to the Monahans Economic Development Corporation! Monahans has a strong commitment to a diversified economy and less reliance upon the oil field industry that has sustained her for decades.

Our Focus

We are focused on building our future…

•enhance the general economic health of all citizens in the community.

•increase wages.

•improve benefits.

•strengthen tax base.

•create jobs.

•increase goods and services available in our community.

•improve our image.

•enhance the quality of life.

Why Monahans?

Monahans is located in an “air-attainment” zone.

Monahans is the County Seat of Ward County.

Monahans has land available for development.

We’re waiting to help your business prosper in Monahans

Tax Rates

Ward County has a total of three (3) taxing entities. Depending on the business location, city taxes may not be imposed.

Following are tax rates per $100 of assessed value: 
Ward County-$0.69000
City of Monahans-$0.32628
Total: $2.19235

Richard Erwin, President

 Leticia Rodriguez, Vice-President

Cathy Anthony, Board Member

Monahans Economic Development Corporation Ashley Adauto, Executive Director

Ashley Adauto, Executive Director

Marielena Saenz, Secretary