Praise for Monahans, Texas

“The community of Monahans is so close, and the family aspect is unmatched. I love working at Cullender Kindergarten because I see how much everyone cares for each other. Everyday is a great day to be a LOBO!”
–Jeannie Harkey Jackson, Cullender Principal

“Monahans is a community filled with hard working West Texans. The toughness of these folks flows from generation to generation creating young people that work equally hard and want to make a difference for their sports teams, schools, families and community. It also sets the foundation for these young folks to blossom into productive adults and future leaders.”
–Brett Heflin, 2019 Outstanding Citizen of the Year

“Monahans, the Magnetic City Motto, is in many cases alive and well in our town. You may leave but will return to cleave to Monahans!”
–Jeppie Wilson, District 3 Council Member

“Monahans is a great place to visit, raise a family, grow a business, or even retire! It’s a really special place where all of the various entities work together for the good of community. In Monahans, you will find a business-friendly environment, quality educational and recreational opportunities, and the friendliest people around!”
—Greg Holly, County Judge

“Monahans is a great place to live and raise your children. We have a great school system and down home vibe through out the city.”
–Frarin Valle, Ward County Sheriff